Meet Amberlynn Reid: The Youtuber Google Thinks Is Dead (2024)

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  • Amberlynn Reid is a YouTuber known for vlogging about her personal life and posting mukbang videos.
  • Her clear emotional instability and obesity have made her the target of years of internet hate.
  • But Amberlynn Reid may not be as innocent as she first seems as many fans claim she has tried to scam them before.

Amberlynn Reid is just one of literally thousands of YouTube vloggers that share stories about their daily life and film the occasional mukbang video. The fact that she’s so relatively well-known and has kept a large viewer base for years may seem like a testament to her ability to keep people entertained, but there’s a darker side to it.

Because a lot of people entertained by Amberlynn Reid aren’t laughing with her or at her jokes. They’re laughing at her.

Amberlynn’s audience wildly swings from pitying her for her apparent mental health problems to being disgusted at her “cringe behavior” and appearance — all of which have something to do with Amberlynn’s weight.

Who Is Amberlynn Reid?

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Amberlynn Reid is a 31-year-old U.S.-based vlogger who started a YouTube channel back on November 18, 2013, as a way to document her weight loss journey.

She explained that she found other weight loss vlogs motivating hence why she tried starting her own. In it, Amberlynn opens up about her struggles with losing weight, saying that she had spent the entire day eating horribly and that she has been “on a weight loss journey for a very long time.”

There’s a marked difference between Amberlynn’s appearance and demeanor in her first video compared to her more recent ones.

Sure, she does say she’s only over 300 pounds in the first video, but she’s also a lot more soft-spoken and mild-mannered, providing a stark contrast to the often angry Amberlynn Reid we see in videos today.

As of February 4, 2022, Amberlynn Reid weighs 496.20 pounds. In the video, she claimed she had gained weight on Weight Watchers and complained about her girlfriend’s lack of support for her weight loss. She then proceeds to have a salad and a bag of Doritos for breakfast.

You already know where this is going. As with Eugenia Cooney‘s audience, much of Amberlynn Reid’s “entertainment appeal” is pity and frustration at her behavior at best and open mockery at worst.


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She currently has 203,000 subscribers, most of whom have spent nearly a decade watching her gain and lose the same weight she began with and gain more. It’s not just with Amberlynn’s audience that this causes tension.

Her years of denial about her behavior and increasingly bitter attitude, understandably aggravated by the large audience she’s massed, have put a strain on her relationships with several girlfriends, including her fiance Becky.

Becky eventually broke up with Amberlynn Reid.

If She’s Still Alive, Then Why Does Google Think Amberylnn Reid Is Dead?

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One of the first suggestions you’ll get when looking up Amberlynn Reid’s name is “Amberlynn Reid cause of death” which may seem odd at first given that her constantly updated socials and YouTube channel show that she’s still alive.

That said, the health implications of Amberlynn’s weight have led people to assume that she’s in a constantly deteriorating state of health.

For reference, Amberlynn’s BMI has been in the 80-100 range in recent years, putting her in the morbidly obese range. People with a BMI categorized as morbidly obese tend to have higher rates of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

But a bigger reason behind the rumors that Amberlynn Reid is dead is because she revealed that she had cancer.

In a video titled “I don’t know what to say” uploaded on June 5, 2020, a teary Amberlynn Reid tells her audience that her test results just came in and they revealed she had uterine cancer.

The illness’ many causes include being of menopausal age, having high blood pressure or diabetes, and being obese — many of which Amberlynn Reid fits the risk criteria for.

Amberlynn Reid’s touching revelation made many of her viewers switch from disdainfully reprimanding her to supporting her in a time of need. Of course, a number of them also accused her of faking the disease given what they call Amberlynn’s history of attention-seeking behavior.

At the time though, it seemed as if Amberlynn and her audience were finally going to have a breakthrough moment. Fast forward to today, Amberlynn Reid’s audience laments that the cancer scare did not become her wake-up call and instead, she had gained even more weight.

What Makes Amberlynn Reid So Controversial?

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Amberlynn Reid’s controversiality is practically the same as that behind Eugenia Cooney’s own (in)famy — they’re both women with mental health problems that affect their eating habits and self-perception.

That they have an audience of thousands watching their every move doesn’t exactly help with that, even if it does pay the bills.

However, just like Eugenia Cooney, Reid is not a completely innocent little angel. Amberlynn Reid has been caught attempting to scam her viewers on GoFundMe and asking them to click on ads that appear on her videos.

The GoFundMe drive capitalized on Becky’s mother’s cancer as a way to convince audiences to send donations. However, several people anonymously came forward to say that Amberlynn Reid’s intentions weren’t all they seemed.

Incidentally, this came with several inconsistencies between the story told by Amberlynn Reid, Becky, and Becky’s family.

None of them seemed to agree on whether or not Becky’s mother had insurance to help with her treatments, despite Amberlynn showing in a video that there was no insurance available to Becky’s mother.

On a more subtle level, there’s something odd with the way Amberlynn Reid obsesses over what she eats before proceeding to go on a binge which she later rationalizes as a tiny bit of “overeating.”

She also continuously uploads mukbang videos despite claiming she’s on a weight loss journey, leading some viewers to suspect that like Eugenia Cooney, Amberlynn Reid is appealing to eating disorder-related fetishists on her channel.

Amberlynn Reid Isn’t the Internet’s Only “Lolcow”

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It’s no secret that a lot of what the internet says about Amberlynn Reid comes from a position of mean-spiritedness.

If her audience was ever truly concerned about her health, their concerns quickly became frustration and disdain after around eight years of watching Amberlynn Reid remain unable to lose the weight she had set out to lose.

Amberlynn Reid is, to put it mildly, an internet lolcow. This isn’t a personal attack on Amberlynn but rather a descriptor. Lolcow is a derogatory term used to describe someone who is constantly trolled and made fun of online because of how reactive they are. People find it entertaining to harass a lolcow.

Amberlynn isn’t the web’s only lolcow either. More infamous ones such as Nico*kado Avocado, another overweight mukbanger who is often compared to Amberlynn Reid, and Chris-Chan, a YouTuber currently on trial for raping her mother, receive similar treatment online.

Meet Amberlynn Reid: The Youtuber Google Thinks Is Dead (2024)
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