Old Fashioned Goulash Recipe - Johnny Marzetti Recipe (2024)

  • Rebecca Reply

    This was very good. I added 1/2 tsp more of salt, a sprinkle of cayenne, some paprika and /2 tsp of sugar.

    Rating: 5

  • Thomas Wood Reply

    Great recipe! We had this last night and absolutely loved it so much that I’m looking forward to having it today for lunch!

    Rating: 4

  • Marci Brown Reply

    We love this recipe but I only use one onion. The macaroni needs a little more time. We had for supper and my husband always goes back for seconds. Put a container in the freezer for next week and some for lunch tomorrow! We are very busy!🤶🏻🎅🏼

    Rating: 5

  • Skip Kline Reply

    I made it. It was excellent.

  • cathy Reply

    i love it! brings me back to my childhood! I’ll make it again soon.

  • cathy Reply

    i love it! brings me back to my childhood

  • Eileen Roatch Reply

    That looks delicious. I’ll have to try it.

  • Freddie R Bradley Reply

    Looking forward trying your recipes sounds delicious, thank you

  • Trysten Reply

    How many calories is this recipie?

  • Cheryl Reply

    Made this for my sweet mom today. She absolutely loved it! Served with cast iron skillet cornbread. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us : )

  • Lucinda J Thomas Reply

    I have never had Goulash, but I will try it this weekend

  • Patricia Stoll Reply

    We used to call it “slumgullion” .

  • Bobbi Snyder Reply

    Yes. growing up we had the same dish, and the leftovers were most definitely put on buttered bread. My kids now do the same thing when we have it for dinner.

  • Mary Reply

    This was one of the first recipes I’ve made on Pinterest that is really good! I made it yesterday for dinner tonight so the seasonings would really kick in. The taste testing was delicious. I cut the recipe in half and it made a lot. Leftovers for several days, My faith in Pinterest has been restored!

  • Cathy Reply

    Need to make 2 gallons for a rescue site meal. How much does the recipe make?

  • Mary Reply

    Absolutely delicious is an understatement!

    I’m not one to leave reviews but I had to for this recipe. This is the best goulash recipe I have ever found. Every recipe I made, up to this point, has been missing something. This isn’t missing anything! It’s so flavorful and cooked just perfect. I can’t express how delicious it was.

    My husband’s face after the first bite told me everything I needed to know- I was in for a treat! I will be making this again. It makes a lot and it’ll freeze well. However, if you’re having a large gathering or have a large family, like we do, you’ll be glad it makes a lot. We had very little leftovers. If you come across this recipe, try it. I promise you’ll be the talk of any occasion. I did add one can of sweet corn. It’s not needed in the least, but we enjoy corn.

  • Lynn Reply

    I halved it for 2 people and added sliced carrots . Delish- true comfort food.

  • Amy Hinton Reply

    It was wonderful!! I used fire roasted tomatoes, it was YUMMY!!! It made allot, we had it for
    3 nights!! Will definitely make this again!! Thanks!!

  • Bev Reply

    Very flavorful, made as directed. Makes a lot… does this freeze well? 😊

  • Mary Reply

    We made this delicious dish and it’s definitely a keeper. Thank you for sharing

  • Patsy Reply

    I love the original Hungarian Goulash, But this American Goulash is just as good! This one is quicker! I love all kinds of food, As long as it’s tasty! Americans are very versatile, Making this dish our own! If it tastes great why complain or compete? I say bring it all in and we’ll have a feast! Thanks for this recipe! It’s just a little different from mine but I needed a recipe tonight and this is it! Thank You!

    • Patsy Reply

      PS, I didn’t know Hungarians were so competitive? This recipe wasn’t meant to upset anyone! It’s an American version and it’s delicious! For all the Hungarians who are displeased’ Get your own site and we’ll learn how you make your Goulash! Seriously! I’d love that!

      • Sally

        Right get off this site. Don’t need Hateful remarks. This is The USA and we need all the NON Americans Gone from this Country. Go back to the Low life place you came from and get off the Free Free Free stuff from here. And take Biden and his Rotten Son with you.

    • Veronica Reply

      I cut the recipe in half and it was perfect for my family of 3. This was a really tasty and easy to follow recipe that will be kept in future meal rotation.

  • Donna Hejduk Reply

    Beef goulash was so good and so easy to make !!! Thank you

  • Jackie Reply

    I make goolash out of leftover roast Chicken, whatever vegetables I have, Potatoes and whatever noodles I have in my jar where I put noodles from bags I open for other reasons. Then I mix in Cream of Mushroom and/or cream of Chicken soup. and bake it in the oven. We’ve eat it so much in the past 50 years our children gag at the name of it. It’s not because it is bad it is very good but my husband is a creature of habit and if we had Chicken for Sunday Dinner (which we do each week) then Monday or Tuesdays we had goolash it was what it was. My kids don’t care for roast chicken much anymore either.

  • Kathy Reply

    Very much like my grandmother’s version. We’re from Columbus Ohio so we call it Johnny Marzetti. There are a lot of cheesy baked versions which are probably good too but this is what I remember. Followed the exact recipe except halved it and made it ahead for a weeknight dinner. Thanks for sharing.

  • Rita DelPercio Reply

    Where do I find elbow pasta with ridges as shown in the recipe??? Who makes them???

    • Debra Reply

      Is Barilla elbows find them st walmarts

  • Zanna Mcdonald Reply

    Add a couple of cans of whole kernel corn. Really good!!!!

  • Brick Myer Reply

    Was worried about cooking pasta in the same pot thought it would get to starchy but it turned out great. Better the second night like you said and only added a little extra water. Next time I’ll make a larger batch for our extended family dinner.

  • Sherri R Reply

    This is very much like a dish my mom made for us growing up & then I made for my family. I always cooked my pasta separately so that it wouldn’t get mushy if we had leftovers. We added corn & Ranch Style beans & chili powder to taste, probably a Tbs or so. It’s still a good recipe for a cold, rainy day.

  • Linda Range Reply

    So happy to see this recipe. When I was a little girl my grandma left my brother and I pick what we wanted for Dinner one night a week. My choice was always goulash. Although her ingredients where a little different yours sounds great too. Our goulash of course had ground beef, onions, kidney beans, stewed tomatoes, and instead of the red sauce In your recipe she used a shortcut and used ketchup and tomato soup. I make this myself quite often and everyone loves its simplicity and flavor. Leftover goulash is the best. And I always asked for my leftovers on buttered bread for a goulash sandwich.

  • Rm Reply

    I put my bay leaves in the mesh of an onion bag tie it n remove when my food is cooked. Works great!!

  • Liz Ostrosky Reply

    We had Johnny Marzetti in grade school once a week. This brings back great memories. Will make for hubby, we were in grade school together, and he loved it then. Thanks for the recipe!

  • Pat Dugas Reply

    Had a good taste but this is more like soup!. Had to eat with a spoon.

  • Cathy Reply

    Great recipe. I used canned Cento cherry tomatoes instead of canned diced tomatoes- not a fan of canned diced tomatoes. They swell up in a way I do not like, and they have little flavor. I used chicken broth instead of beef broth because that was all I had on hand. The beef broth would provide even more flavor -will use that next time. But chickenbroth worked fine. I did not have any cheddar cheese, so I used fontina and Parmigiano Reggiano instead. It was delicious.

  • Jamie Reply

    Delicious! I’ve made this several times and the family is always happy. Thank you!

  • Sheila Reply

    This was excellent. I just made this particular recipe for the first time after getting an email. I essentially made it as listed, with the exceptions that I cut the recipe in half, and added chopped red bell pepper, which I always add. This is basically what we called goulash when I was growing up in SD. We did not add Worcestershire sauce, beef broth, or bay leaves, but I like the flavor with the additions. I think next time I will add kidney beans instead of pasta, because my husband prefers beans, which could then be called chili-goulash!

    • Sue Reply

      Exactly! This is goulash taken up a notch. My mom just used the tomatoes, beef, onions, bell pepper and elbow mac with just salt and pepper added.

  • Amanda Reply

    I made this tonight, thanks to your email. I am not a goulash fan, but my husband is. This I really like, my kids are their whole bowl and will be in my rotation all winter! Thanks for resharing to goodness 😆

  • Carmen Salazar Reply

    Could you please give me the nutritional info for goulash. I couldn’t see it. I am loving your recipes. I’m diabetic and have to watch carbs, but haven’t made goulash since my girls moved out.

    I am going to try n freeze

  • Cindy Pope Reply

    If I don’t have elbow macaroni what would be best substitute I have shells Rotini, or penne?!

  • Audrey Pniower Reply

    Who wouldn’t love this unless you r a Veggie Bunnie! Can’t go wrong with any of it , everyone’s little ideas & changes. Everyone has their own name or version. Me Born In the USA ! It is American comfort food for sure ! I come from a family with 4 kids & our Mom was excellent at stretching the budget to make ends meet for us. I’m keeping this recipe and will make with love for many years to come. Thank You ! Audrey from California 😘

  • Charles Mccarthys Reply

    Sounds good,until you arrived at the bay leaf stage,you can actually find it?

    • Cathy Reply

      You can find bay leaves in the spice/ dried herb section of any grocery store. I buy the Morton and Bassetti brand. The bay leaves add great flavor.

  • Nikki Reply

    Great recipe! I “veganized” it and cut the amounts in half for our family of four.

  • Ruth Meier Reply

    I made this last night for supper. It is a delicious recipe!! I will definitely make it again!! Of course, I modified it slightly. I sautéed finely chopped onions, 1 carrot, garlic & several celery pieces before adding in the hamburger, otherwise followed your recipe. My family loved it!!

  • Teri Reply

    Can this be frozen?

  • Becca Frost Reply

    Hi! I am dairy-free and counting calories. Do you have any idea how many calories a serving of this would be without the cheese?

  • Sherrie Reply

    How many does this recipe typically serve? I’m expecting 12 people

    • Ruth Reply

      Recipe says serves 10

  • Jody Carlson Reply

    Really good, family loved it!

    Rating: 5

  • Bobbie Robinson Reply

    This Goulash is the best ever. Great with garlic bread. Thank you.

    Rating: 5

  • Karla Black Reply

    Hey do u cook the pasta first before u add to pot. Making this today.

    • Chawna Reply

      No you add it in and it will cook.

  • Mike Reply

    Almost like chili mac, only better!

    • Sammy Reply

      The directions states add the UNcooked elbow macaroni at the very end.

  • Widboom Reply

    Really good recipe but I used the tomatoes that have oregano and Italian seasoning in the tomatoes. Then I added the seasoning called for in recipe. Of course it was too much. Not too smart on my part but my husband had three helpings. Lol. It was like an Italian goulash. I will still make my old style goulash but this was very good.

    Rating: 4

  • Sandy Patterson Reply

    I too grew up on this and we have had it for more than 45 married years. I sometimes use leftover mac & cheese in it sometimes corn some times Rotel tomatoes and sometime plain home canned tomatoes. We always called it goulash but my family calls it Mom’s concoction because I change it to go with the leftovers I have to stretch it with. I loved. yours too but I usually cook from the hip without measuring

    Rating: 5

  • Kari Reply

    Hi there, are All goulash recipes made with 2 pounds of ground beef? It seems like a lot and I can’t find a recipe that is smaller. What do i need to cut in half only using one pound meat? Thanks!

    • Dena Reply

      I regularly use just one pound of meat, so I would halve everything in this recipe except for the salt and pepper. Then adjust the rest of the seasonings to suit my taste. I’d leave the tomato sauce out too, but that’s just me.

    • Kaye Reply

      Go online and find app called “recipe divider”.

      Rating: 4

  • Tarra Reply

    I absolutely love this recipe…it’s exactly like my Grandma used to make it as well. It was always in the crock pot on Christmas Eve. Thanks Crissy!

    Rating: 5

  • Marsha Berg Reply

    Wonderful recipe! Instructions were clear and easy to follow. This will be added to the ‘go to’ crowd pleaser list in our family. So delicious!

    Rating: 5

  • Dawn Reply

    This looks delicious! I would like to make this for dinner tonight. Is this saucy:soupy? If not how do I make it soupy saucy without watering it down? Thank you in advance.

    • Kathie Reply

      I would add a little more beef broth.

    • Anita Reply

      I use tomato juice for my liquid and it makes it soupy. Or use less juice for thicker goulash

  • Sarah asif Reply

    your recipe are absolutely delicious. I love your work. Thanks For Sharing.

  • gayle Reply

    Love this recipe

    Rating: 5

  • Mindee Reply

    My husband and I don’t like Italian seasoning/Oregano. What could we use in its place??

    • Susan Hall Reply

      Mindee, this isn’t my recipe but its delicious with just the other spices not including the Italian seasoning or oregano. My Mom just used the salt, pepper & garlic. Also, I love using the Original Mrs. Dash with beef meals, so I think that may be a really good substitute for the Italian seasoning/oregano. The Mrs. Dash is the one with the yellow top. I’m gonna try this next time!

  • Mary Reply

    Do you think this could be made in a crockpot?

    • Crissy Page Reply

      Hi Mary, we haven’t tested this in the crock pot, but I do have a great stovetop version! https://dearcrissy.com/old-fashioned-goulash-recipe/

  • Lisa Reply

    I made this today thought my pot was to small but it fit all the way to the top. We are spicy eaters so I added jalapeños and hot sauce. It was amazing. Thanks for the recipe.

    Rating: 3

  • Jill Reply

    So good! To further horrify those with European Goulash palates, my mom makes this with egg noodles and frozen corn mixed in. Amazing!!

    • Crissy Page Reply

      Jill, that sounds just plain GOOD!

  • Naomi Hill Reply

    Love this! Hubby says “put this on rotation”! My question, any idea about the calorie/nutritional info?Thanks for a fantastic recipe!

    Rating: 5

  • Megan Reply

    We cooked our noodles in homemade tomato juice instead of beef broth but still delicious

  • Ashley B Reply

    Can I freeze the leftovers? I’m only cooking for two but I’m due with a baby soon and would love to have this in the freezer for after baby comes? Could I just stick it in a gallon freezer bag and defrost and heat on the stovetop when time to use?

    • Crissy Page Reply

      Hi Ashley, I haven’t tried it, but this recipe should be okay to freeze. You’ll definitely want to be sure not to overcook the pasta though!

    • Roman Reply

      My mom always froze it growing up put wouldn’t put the noodles in until she was reheating it to make sure they weren’t mushy!

  • Char Reply

    This looks delicious ! Do you have to put the pasta in it to cook it or can you just cook the pasta and put in after ? Not a fan of putting it in all together :)

    • Crissy Page Reply

      Hi Char, if you want to control your pasta cooking by doing it separately you certainly can do that! :) I totally get it!

  • christi Reply

    Hi! Thank you for your recipe. I will try it that way, except I’ll cut it in half because we only need a meal for two. This recipe looks really good though. Thanks again, and Jesus is Lord!

  • Rachel Reply

    amazing recipe!! i changed turkey instead of beef, and cut the recipes in half and it made after 12 servings so be aware it makes a ton!!!

    Rating: 5

  • Mandy Reply

    I made this tonight by following the exact recipe and it was delicious! Even my picky 15 year old son had two bowls. I will be making this again and again!

    Rating: 5

  • Annie Reply

    I added a little mustard and sour cream to mine and it was delicious!!

    Rating: 4

  • Mavis Garland Reply

    It is only called American ‘Chop Suey’ If Soy Sauce is included and the Oregano is left out.
    Otherwise, it is known as ‘Goulash’…

  • Andrew Harvey Reply

    Made this by the recipe exact except for bay leaves. Found out that i forgot to buy them when i got home. This feed 4 adults and 2 kids. Very good.

    Rating: 5

  • Peggy Reply

    This is so good and so easy. My mother made it when I was a kid (60 years ago) and I saw the recipe and thought I’d try it. So glad I did!

    Rating: 4

  • Debbie Reply

    This recipe was very good. I cut down on the garlic some ( 3 gloves only, no garlic salt) and it turned out perfect for us. It seems like a lot of liquid, but it all cooks off turns out wonderful.

    Rating: 5

  • Amber Reply

    This is a delicious old fashioned AMERICAN goulash recipe. It is such a classic comfort food. Please refrain from saying this is not Hungarian goulash/goulash/authentic goulash/etc.

    Rating: 5

    • Viki Reply

      oh thank god someone said it, I don’t even understand how can this be called goulash (I’m from Hungary, just so you understand my frustration with this recipe xd)

      • Nikki

        What would Hungarian goulash have that’s different? Just curious.

  • Diane Reply


    Rating: 5

  • Mary Reply

    How many does this serve? I need enough for about 20. Can I do this in a slow cooker

  • Debbie Reply

    Chrissy can you leave the bay leafs out and will it taste as good I love the recipe

    • Crissy Reply

      Absolutely you can leave the bay leaves out! :)

  • dw Reply

    Whatever you call it, we love it! I bet I fixed it four times this year already. :-)

    Rating: 5

  • Paula Pierce Reply

    This is the best goulash recipe I have ever made! So easy & so good!!!

    Rating: 5

  • Katherine A Dietz Reply

    I made this goulash last night and added 2 stalks of celery diced, a handful of diced green bell peppers and a large white onion diced. Sauteed them in water until tender. I put ground sirloin in COLD WATER and broke up with clean hands or use a potato masher and simmer until water is gone; then followed the recipe. THIS IS THE BEST GOULASH ON THE INTERNET, LOOK NO FURTHER!

    Rating: 5

    • Pat Menzel Reply

      Katherine how much water did you use to cook the ground sirloin?

      • Donna

        Hi Crissy! Thank you for sharing. This recipe is very similar to Paula Deens ” Bobbys Goulash”. As a reader noted the Worcestershire sauce makes this an interesting dish. In her recipe she uses only water n no cheese and cooks the macaroni longer. I’m going to try your version as my family always thinks the noodles are to soft and I’ve added the cheese like yours so I’m definitely going to try this version. Between the beef stock…less cooking noodle time and the cheese..I think it will be the winner! Have a blessed day🙏

      • Katherine A Dietz

        Just enough water to cover the ground sirlion and then cook out the water.

  • Judy Reply

    I always worry about the noodles getting mushy with recipes like this. Is that a problem? Thanks

  • Stephanie Reply

    This is very close to my Mom’s goulash, or I should say what we called goulash. She added kidney beans to hers and never added cheese. Her goulash was more of a soup. I remember Johnny Marzetti being one of our school lunch options. That was much thicker and very cheesy and WONDERFUL! Your recipe is AWSOME! It is a total mix of the two I have had and we LOVED every bite. I’m late to the game in finding this, but I am so glad I did. Thank you!!

    Rating: 5

    • Crissy Reply

      What a nice comment, Stephanie, thanks! So glad you enjoyed it!

      • Tamara

        When I make this, I add a little ketchup and instead of cheddar cheese I put in finally shredded Parmesan cheese and then top thar with shredded mozzarella. DELISH!!!!!!!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Gregory A Nagy Reply

    Made it tonite, top notch, we loved it and thanks for posting this recipe.

  • Kay Reply

    This dish was outstanding. My husband said it tasted like his mom’s! There is no better compliment! Thx so much for such a delicious and easy recipe.

    Rating: 5

    • Crissy Reply

      Yay, so glad that you and your husband loved this recipe, Kay! :)

  • Janet Evarts Reply

    Made this today. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

    Rating: 5

  • Tina Reply

    Cracking up because nowhere did you mention this was Hungarian or German… I’m certain my eyes are reading American Goulash and American Chop Suey.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to trying this! I only had goulash once as a child at one of my friend’s house in midwestern America. I remember enjoying it. I’m hoping I can get my picky 4 year old to try it!

  • Tina Reply

    Totally delicious, thank you for sharing.

  • Jolyn Priddy Dupre' Reply

    Goulash is always a favorite family favorite! And, leftovers are the BEST! I think it’s because the noodles soak up all the flavors, making it extra yummy.

  • Christina Reply

    OMG this was delicious. This was my first time making goulash. My husband said his mom used to make it, so there was a lot of pressure to try to live up to mammas home made goulash. Thanks to this recipe I nailed it. My husband and sister in law both gave it a big thumbs up. Great recipe. Will make again for sure.

    Rating: 5

  • Dianne Reece Reply

    Please…does the goulash require 1 cup or 1 30 oz. beef broth??

    • Crissy Reply

      It’s 1 cup! :)

  • Cynnimin Reply

    I just made this, and have made goulosh at least 400 times in my life. NO KIDDING. This recipe is delicious. The Worcestershire is the key. I used an extra TBS. If this is Hungarian or German or ? Who cares its really good. Thank you soooo much. My father was German, my mother is Hungarian, and that is who taught me. This is better.

    Rating: 5

    • Crissy Reply

      Yay, I am so glad you loved it!!! :)

  • Karen Bartels Reply

    I too have been making my grandmothers old fashioned goulash for decades. The picture of yours looks exactly like my goulash but I don’t have as many ingredients. I just fry hamburger and onion, drain grease, add 5 beef bouillon cubes and a big can of crushed tomatoes and simmer while macaroni is boiling, then add the mixture to the macaroni when almost done as to not have the macaroni too soft.

  • Cookindad Reply

    I used chunky Rotelle instead of diced Tomatoes turned out really good I will keep this Recipe

    Rating: 5

  • Kat Reply

    This is our go to recipe. I’ve made it several times and my family loves it.

    Rating: 5

    • Lakeisha G Reply

      Do you cook on high med the entire time?

  • Donald Fredrick Reply

    Dear Chrissy I have made your recipe and it’s great but we have enough left overs so L froze them what it’s the best way to reheat the frozen left overs thankyou for your help.

  • judit wolf Reply

    I’m just curious as to why this is called goulash.. I’m Hungarian and we do not make this. We make a soup called Gulyas leves. It looks more like beefaroni to me. Yummy!! But not what I know as Gulyas. :)

  • B.Diel Reply

    AHALA…Classic German Goulasch Suppe IS like a soup, what you make is Hungarian Beef Paprika Stew “Paprikas Krumpli”, a variant of Goulash!!!! My moms Hungarian Goulash (with paprika and bacon) tasted different than my dads German Goulash(w/ onions, beef, seasons , stew tomatos and red cooking wine). If you research Goulash, you will find it has origins from Hungary …Gulyas, but Europe and Eastern Europe have their own variety I say let the people make their preference, and stop saying it is not Goulash….OK!!

  • Ahala Reply

    Oh, my god, this is _NOT_ goulash… :( First of all, goulash is a soup. Here is my recipe – remember, there is no one classic goulash recipe, each hungarian family has their own version, but the main rules are the following:

    – Use diced beef meat, and never minced – leg is the best, but it needs long (2-3 hours) cooking time
    – Use a lot of pepper powder (try to find something from hungary)
    – Use onions
    – Some recipes includes pepper and tomato
    – Use almost the same amount of diced potato as meat
    – Some recipes includes carrot and turnip

    Here s my own recipe:
    Grab a bigger pot (5-6 litres), and cut up one big, or two small onions. Melt 2-3 spoons of pork fat (However I prefer olive oil instead of fat), and simmer the onion a while. When it got “glassy”, turn up the heat, drop the diced beef meat into the pot, and toast the beef a bit, but carefully, do not let the onion to burn. Then turn down the heat a bit, and add the diced paprika and tomato. After a while it starts withering, turn the heat to the minimum, add the red paprika powder (I use a lot – 3-4 spoons – I like when the soup is finally so red), mix it up very quickly, and add 1.5 litres of water. Turn up to medium the heat, and let the soup boil slowly. From this point the key is being patient and cook slowly. Add salt as you like, and spice it: tarragon, basil, ginger (carefully, just a little!) and thyme. Remember: these spices are optional. If you use venison, you may add juniper berries.

    In the meantime peel, and cut up the vegetables into rounds, and add to the soup. When all the vegetables is in the soup, fill up the pot with water, but let some space for the potato. Cook for a hour, then peel and dice the potato, and add to the soup. Cook until the potato is cooked, or the meat get soft – the best is when the meat melts in your mouth.

    If you have further questions, or more you want to try more original hungarian recipes, do not hesitate to get in touch with me :)

    • Crissy Reply

      Ha! Well, this is what we called “goulash” growing up in small-town USA! :) Your recipe for authentic Hungarian goulash sounds great though and I’ll definitely try it! Thanks for commenting! :)

      • Ahala

        I’m looking forward to your hungarian-styled goulash, I hope you’ll succeed! Anyways, your recipe is interesting, I will try, but, please forgive me, I’ll give an other name :)

    • Edi Reply

      You made a few mistakes in the recipe…pepper is = black pepper (bors) ! Hungarian red paprika powder is what you need and not pepper! You need just a little black pepper (bors) but mostly you need paprika. The other is not turnip! Turnip= retek es tarsai! You need parsly root or parsnip, potato and carrot. Those additional “optional” spices are not authentic at all…totally different tast and flavor. What makes a guylyas real gulyas is caraway seed! Juniper berries and ginger? OMG! Where did you get that idea! Hell NO!

      • Ahala

        Thanks for the advise on my mistakes, especially the red paprika powder, I was not aware that is referenced by this name. My bad.

        I strongly against putting caraway seed, despite most of the recipes counts that as an authentic spice. I also never use black pepper. Ginger, tarragon and basil makes the taste of the soup fruity, and highlights the flavor of the vegetables. Juniper berries also improves the acidity, resulting an exciting, airy soup. After all, goulash is a soup.

        However you just confirmed that there is no one goulash recipe, every Hungarian household has their own. I learned my from my father and my granny. (My granny is from Makó, but she lived for a long time in Budapest, and then in Zala county)

    • donna Reply

      I traveled to Budapest many years ago and remember the goulash soup I had at the flea market. I am excited to try your recipe and hope it brings back many memories of my vacation!

  • Diana Reply

    My mother used to make this when I was a kid and I absolutely love it! Can you please tell me approximately how many servings this recipe will make? I’m wondering if 2 lbs of ground beef is too much for my family of six.

  • pete dolan Reply

    I made this last night for a church diner for 80 people. I took the original recipe and multiplied it up. I wanted something that I could finish in the oven to serve in bulk. I decreased the water by about half so it would set up. I cooked the macaroni for only about 4-5 minutes. So the macaroni was pretty soft in the final version, but everybody seemed to like it with some even coming back for seconds. So I classify this as a win!! The flavor was spot on.

    Rating: 5

  • Kathy Reply

    Do not have a Dutch Oven…does that make a difference?

    • Crissy Reply

      Any large pot will be fine! :)

  • Meg Reply

    My father made this for us growing up. I made it tonight and added mushrooms and green pepper! One of my favorites!

    Rating: 5

  • Donald Fredrick Reply

    I will be trying this as suggested on how to prepare but I was wondering would you have how to cook this in a slow cooker or instapot.

    • Crissy Reply

      Hi Donald, I don’t have a slow cooker or Instant pot version, but, that’s a great idea. I’ll probably be working on an Instant Pot version soon! :)

  • Carrie Reply

    I’m making this tonight 2-11-18

    • Crissy Reply

      Hi Carrie, let me know how it turned out! :)

  • Cheryl Chilton Reply

    Add green lima beans and corn to this! Gives it much more flavor! I also like soup crackers with it! Yummy!

    Rating: 5

  • Dee Reply

    Sooo ver good ❤️????Real comfort food

    Rating: 5

  • Shields Reply

    Great recipe. I’d suggest 4-5 minutes for the pasta since it’s going to continue cooking after removing from heat.

    Rating: 3

  • Melissa Reply

    I don’t care what you call it, my family and I call it amazing! Cut the recipe in half and added a can of corn. I also used gluten free elbow noodles. So good!!

    Rating: 4

    • Me Reply

      Gotta have corn. Nummmm!

  • Prudy Reply

    I told you I was coming for this recipe! ❤️ I can’t wait to try it! xoxo

  • Virginia Monson Reply

    We’ve always called red hotdish or (catholic) funeral hotdish, in our family. My grandma, and now so on down the lines in the families make the sauce & noodles seperate and then mix it together. We also add corn. I have tried your receipe as well and it is also very yummy, but you are correct, you do need to be careful not to overcook your noodles. I agree, this is better the next day, this is true comfort food!

    Rating: 5

  • Candi Reply

    I LUV leftovers. I think its because when it has time to sit the flavor intensifies through it. Longer it site = more flavor. I find that with a lot of dishes I have leftovers with. It seems to taste even better the 2nd or 3rd day. With weekdays SO hectic, not getting home till late & having to make a big meal on top of that. I just can’t do it any more. So I spend my weekend(either Sat or Sun) cooking a big meal & make sure to make extra so I have leftovers for a few nights during the week. That way I know my family is getting nutritious meals throughout the week, instead of getting fast food or having something like hot dogs. I’m not as fond of cooking big meals in the summer when its hot & we can make something quick on the grill. But as soon as fall comes then I start cooking on the weekends. Some times I’ll still make bigger meals on the weekends in the summer but not all the time like in the fall, winter & spring.

  • Betsy Barnes Reply

    This looks so good! It would really warm my family on a cold, snowy day!

    Rating: 5

  • keith Reply

    ;) forgot to rate it sounds and looks good

    Rating: 5

  • keith Reply

    I will be trying it:) I loved my grandma’s goulash ..good ole days

  • Zoey Reply

    This looks perfect for a cold winter day!

  • Holly Thomas Reply

    I haven’t had this for years and I will be using this recipe!

    Rating: 5

  • Old Fashioned Goulash Recipe - Johnny Marzetti Recipe (2024)
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